Postcode Anywhere, top suppliers of the “what’s my postcode” web service, are launching a “hug-a-postie” campaign this Christmas to highlight the importance of adding your postcode to all mail.

Which got me thinking – it really is a difficult job being a postman, isn’t it?  Just look at the job description from Royal Mail:

You’ll need to be:

  • The sort of person who enjoys working with other people, as well as on your own.
  • An early riser (early starts are likely)
  • Able to work to tight deadlines
  • The face of Royal Mail
  • Able to carry mail pouches up to 16 kg (35lbs) in weight
  • Able to carry and lift mailbags up to 11kg in weight
  • Able to push trolleys of up to 250kg
  • The holder of a full driving licence with no more than 6 penalty points
(Apparently they also “welcome applications from disabled people”… how will that work?  Not to be discriminatory but I don’t see any paraplegics on the trapeze)
This has led me to picture the ideal postie:
ideal postman

ideal postman

I still find it amazing that people will moan and moan about their postman and then make their jobs that much more difficult by leaving out the postcode.
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