This is the home of Jim Williams, né Mr WebService. This blog deals with a gamut of issues surrounding tech news and Web 2.0. Some of the time I will talk about Postcode Anywhere and TheWebService. I happen to know a  lot about them because I manage their PR. I see this as an advantage because there a lot of exciting things going on and the team are really at the “cutting edge.” As well as providing some insight I might come across at times as endorsing their services… well, I guess I do. I apologise if this is too corporate for many, but ultimately the people who are leading the way with tech are business people. Hopefully there is still something to take away, and please remember:

The opinions expressed on this blog are *not* representative of *anything* TheWebService.com or Postcode Anywhere as a company thinks, will think in the future, or has thunk in the past.

Often I am outspoken and hopefully a little thought-provoking too. You can follow me on Twitter here.


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