So now SaaS is being compared to Communism: a lofty idea doomed to failure. Well correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Internet by definition a “communist” platform? In case anyone’s thinking is fuzzy, here’s a reminder of one of the definitions of communism from

…a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole…

Hang on… that sounds pretty much like the Internet to me. Every scrap of information that is posted and then read on the Internet essentially becomes another’s property. Sites like Wikipedia hammer home this concept of the collective. It’s a massive platform for sharing. Nobody bows down to The Man on the Internet… there’s no one single controlling force, and sites live or die by popularity which is defined by the link juice given by the community as a whole.

The only place where “communism” can possibly thrive is the Internet; the sheer weight of the little guys and impossibility of absolute corruption makes it a far better platform than a country like Russia or China. We could argue this one forever (I can hear some of you gearing up to say that the Web is ruled by a dictator, and that dictator’s name begins with G) but it’s not the thrust of what I’m saying… whether the communist model is correct or not, the Internet is based on those ideals… and if the Internet itself is based on a communist ideal (successful or no), then we can hardly scoff at SaaS for having the same notions attached to it.

That’s why SaaS is so compatible with the Internet – and that’s why it will become more and more popular. Only now are we beginning to really actualise the true “communist” ideals of the Internet, as speeds increase and connectivity becomes more and more stable. Software as a Service works with this Web 2.0 model to make the sharing of data easier… it even allows smaller companies access to the same sophisticated technology that the big boys have had for years.

This is not communism with the red hat on, this is the zeitgeist of collaboration and working together … but just like the Commies, we’d like to hear your ideas (except we might listen to them…) Follow the link to submit and vote on ideas for web service applications; we may even develop them.