We all hate smarmy politicians who mess up your country’s economy, become a figure of fun and refuse to stand down. Here in the UK at least, crap politicians outnumber smiles, affordable houses and loaves of bread by a factor of ten to one.

One of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s nicknames is “Mr Bean.” Now, whether or not you’re familiar with who this Mr Bean character is, you can probably guess that being named after any vegetable (or pulse) is Not A Good Thing. (But at least he has a pulse, take note President number 44). Brown’s on the way out, and… The Web Service is here to help.

To that end, TheWebService.com has rolled out some cutting-edge technology to make sure Brown makes one final positive move; we’ve used our software to calculate the route to his nearest Job Centre.

This isn’t as flippant as it may seem. If he takes our advice, it could well be the only positive thing he does for the UK. We’ve estimated that our route optimization service could save small to medium sized businesses literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in saved petrol costs. This is good news for anyone who’s worried about the environment and better news for businesses who are feeling the pinch due to the heavy increases in fuel costs.

So let’s see Gordon do the honourable thing and save the Exchequer a few pounds before he goes. Here’s the route, Mr Brown:

1.Head west toward A3214/Buckingham Palace Rd
2.Turn left at A3214/Buckingham Palace Rd
Continue to follow A3214
3.Turn left at Pimlico Rd
4.Turn slightly right at B313/Ebury Bridge Rd
5.Turn left at A3216/Chelsea Bridge Rd
Continue to follow A3216
6.At Queen’s Circus, take the 3rd exit onto Prince of Wales Drive
7.Turn left at Beechmore Rd
8.Turn left at Warriner Gardens

The route might be so simple a half-witted ape could follow it, but if you do get lost you can always do a U-turn.

Here are some further details about TheWebService’s route optimization service.