Interest is heating up a little about TheWebService’s latest offering, route optimization (or optimisation) as a service.  TheWebService was even up for an award last night for “most innovative service” for the productat the ICT Awards.  So I thought I’d give a little run-down of what it actually is and what the benefits are to business.  It’s also on the Postcode Anywhere site on the route optimisation tab (there’s more info there); there’s a free trial to download and have a play with.

What is route optimization/optimisation?

Route optimization finds the best possible route along more than one stopping-off point.  It can cut journey times, petrol use and petrol costs by up to 30%.  It’s clear that for any haulage company, it makes sense to route-optimize.

What has this got to do with cloud computing?

The route optimization software offered by TheWebService is available over the Internet, so it’s a classic example of how delivering web services over the cloud can deliver added value for SMEs.  The service is available for a few pence/cents per use, so when you consider it saves a few hundred pounds/dollars every time you plan a route you can see the ROI is very impressive indeed.

So if you’ve got a haulage company, or ever have to make deliveries along several stopping-off points, then the benefits of this route-op logistics routing software over the Internet is obvious.

Transport Logistics

There are a few other solutions on the Internet, but I don’t believe they offer such a comprehensive, cure-all solution.  What’s more, TheWebService/PostcodeAnywhere solution is the only one to offer pay-per-use, so it doesn’t matter if you only make one trip a year – a few clicks, a few pence/cents, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars/pounds, whether you want to plan the best or fastest route for your lorry, or even how to visit all your relatives over Christmas in one night…

I reckon it’s worth a try!