Why are people only just catching on to Software-as-a-Service? I think I’ve cracked it, you know. People are suspicious of cloud computing because there’s nothing there for them to hold. REAL software, now that comes in a box. Put *anything* in a box and it looks appealing.

I’m going to try and explain that statement. Think about those Sun Maid raisins… now, nobody eats raisins. To be honest, I’m not terribly keen on eating anything that has, through some process of shrivelling, shrunk to a fraction of its original size.

But put the buggers in a box! Put them in a box and I’m scrumming those things down like they’re cream cakes. Suddenly I love raisins. I’m even turning the packet inside-out to retrieve any squashed detritus that might be stuck to the sides. I’m an animal.

I’m telling you, put a turd in a box and people will queue up to gobble that bastard down. Would you like fries with that? In a box, obviously.

No matter what it is, if you can find it in a box I’ll be there frothing at the mouth, slavering and cramming it between my hungry jaws.

This can be problematic (I came a cropper at nan’s funeral)… and it’s pretty clear how.

Box clever?

Box clever?

To drag this rambling nonsense back to web services, it seems clear to me that there’s something people have in them psychologically that makes them want to put everything into a box. Clear, well-defined boundaries are so desirable to people that it actually doesn’t matter what’s *in* the damn box, so much as they can pin something down to its limitations.

Web services are scary because they truly have no boundaries. Cloud computing is just that, “in the cloud”, with nothing tangible to define. Perhaps we need to change the way we market this new, fluid software, that’s hosted on a server on the other side of the world.

Any ideas?