I would like to create a list of Software as a Service providers, with feedback on how well they provide their services, with the aim of creating a log of cloud computing reviews – so if you have a service you wish to submit for review by other users, or wish to contribute a review, please submit a comment (preferably in the format I use).  More than one review for the same SaaS provider is fine and should help to smooth out any bias… and talking of bias I will start with one that I know well, Postcode Anywhere, or TheWebService.com in the US.  Fortunately I used one of their products before I started working with them, so here goes:

Postcode Anywhere


Services provided
UK address data (e.g. lookups)
International address data
Consumer data profiling
Route optimization
Bank and credit card validation
Data cleansing
Personal data hosting

No. Customers (if known)

Notable clients (if known)
Xerox, Rolls Royce


Address checker, Bank sort code lookup & credit card checker

Customer Service
It is pretty remarkable how good PCA’s customer service is… I was pretty hopeless when it came to installing all of the gizmos on my website (this was a couple of years ago) but I was walked through every step on the phone.  To be honest I don’t normally like talking to people on the phone (I like to tear my hair out on my lonesome instead), but I didn’t regret giving them a ring.

Price & Pricing model
I have to admit I didn’t like the pricing model at all at first… I don’t even like renting DVDs.  I prefer to have everything bought up and done and dusted,  But!  At the same time I couldn’t afford to do it any other way, and once I’d decided to give it a go it was child’s play.  What I liked about the service at the time was that because it’s pay-per-use, every time I had to pay the few pence for a look-up it meant someone was buying something off my site, so if you think of it that way it works out as a very small percentage of each sale.

Overall impression & Percentage rating
I’m not going to go into raves about how great PCA is because I work for them.  But this is where more non-partisan (or self-promoters, I don’t care) people can give their final overview and percentage rating of the Software as a Service Provider.